The Kung-Fu School ABSOLUT

Kung-fu Club ABSOLUT is the Mastership Academy of Bagua, where you can learn the art of fighting and eventually how to win without a fight. Certainly, it is also a way of self-improvement. We practice here bagua style which belongs to the internal styles of kung-fu. The primary objective for us is to develop both physical and spiritual qualities of each and every student. Thus, along with development of flexibility, agility, speed, coordination, strength, endurance as well as concentration, emotional control and determination student finds balance of his mind. In addition to basic training there are groups of neigun (internal spiritual discipline).

Above all, Kung-fu Club ABSOLUT is also a family (the home from home) with high moral principles. Education of the will and cultivation the spirit is part and parcel of every student’s life. During the training we prepare our students for various true-life situations, so they could always stand up for themselves, for their lives.

In our club ABSOLUT youngsters have an opportunity to give themselves a try by taking part in competitions. This additional experience in fighting with other schools’ students gives them a chance to have their acquired skills tested and, furthermore, to consider the advantages of bagua style and authorized methods held in Club ABSOLUT.

Select Team Absolut represents our school at different competitions. We customarily take part in such contests as full-contact, K1 (kick-boxing), Sanda (wushu kung-fu), Muay Thai (Thai boxing), MMA (mixed martial arts), etc.

The Club’s life is fully conducted by Sifu (the Teacher) – Bagua Master Igor Turchin.  He has been engaged in martial arts since he was 4 years old. He studied different types and styles, taking into consideration all its strengths. He has been practicing bagua for more than 35 years. Also, he is one of the founders of “Wushu (Kung-fu) Federation of Israel”.

Currently Master lives and practices in Canary Island Tenerife, where seminars and master classes take place. Martial Arts Instructors of different schools and styles arrive here to level up their mastery by learning internal technics and its practical use.

Everyone has a chance to know themselves and to find their true path.

Good luck!